Starting Over

Today I went for my first run, first training session, and even first physical activity, since my last run exactly 1 month ago! This break was supposed to allow time for my niggly hamstring tendonitis to disappear completely, but instead the break proved that environmental affects where to blame. Sitting for too long in my expensive and super comfortable office chair at home is the current number one suspect with a significant amount of evidence building against it. It will go on trial later this week.

GPS for today’s plod on Strava.

I’ve just come back from a light jog around the neighbourhood, which at first was uncomfortable but my hamstring tendon(s) stopped aching eventually. My running technique however remained appalling for the whole 32 minute plod. It seems I’ve got used to supplementing some functions of my right hamstring with my right calf and now I can’t quite get the muscle activation and time quite right. The most obvious result is that I drive my right foot forwards into the ground upon contact. What a gump. There was some improvement in the strength of my pull back towards the end of the run and the situation reminded me of this classic:

Forest Gump

Forest Gump overcoming is restriction more successfully than me.

More spinning on the bike to and from work and some short runs this week will help my progress towards proper training once again.

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