Welcome to my world!

I am a 24 year old mechanical engineer based in Auckland. I have always been passionate about nature, and inspired by the thrill of adventure, but there was a time when I never saw myself as a sportsperson. Since 2010 I have been pursuing my dream of becoming one of the top off road runners and orienteers in the world. This is a long journey and the competition is fierce, but by working hard at each step along the way I believe I can achieve my dreams.

My mission here is to share my adventures and successes, and inspire others to work hard at the things they love to achieve their own dreams. 

I have a strong group of partners helping to enhance my performance during training sessions and races, and facilitating my travel both in New Zealand and around the world. These include Icebug, Good People RunTrimtex SportGrassy Knoll Outdoor, and North West Orienteering Club.